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Going Overnight with Cloth.

As with everything cloth nappy related, there is no one rule for all, and kids overnight "output" varies as much as kids themselves do.

For some it is just a matter of a bit of extra absorbency added to what you use during the day, but for those with 'heavy wetters' it can be a struggle to get enough absorbency and keep it all contained for 12 -14hrs.

The good news is though, it is absolutely doable!

After having cloth nappied 8 bubs over the years, I have found a couple of go to bullet proof combinations, but they all have 3 things in common.

  1. an 'all absorbent' nappy 
  2. Boosting
  3. a 'cover' that able to fit the nappy plus additional boosting without compromising the seal around the legs and waist.

There are loads of options to make up these features.


  • Flat Flannel Nappy  - This is your original old fashioned square nappy, that you origami into the right shape, and hold in place with pins or snappys.
    • PROS - it is endlessly adjustable and can be easily doubled up or boosted. It is easy wash, fast dry & durable.
    • CONS - requires origami & fastenings.
  • Fitted Nappy - these come in a variety of natural fibres, are shaped to fit, have elasticated legs and have adjustable snaps to do up. Some come with additional inserts
    • PROS - Fitted nappies are easy to use and don't require separate fastenings. They hold a lot on their own, even before boosting.
    • CONS - Slow drying & when overly wet, the elastics can irritate sensitive skin (this can be avoided by covering the elastic with stay dry liner and ensuring enough absorbency that the nappy is not soaked)
  • Easy Flat (sometimes called Pre-flat) - a modern version of a flat nappy. Still held together with pins or snappys, but with shaped wings to make folding simple and made of stretch fabric. 
    • PROS - Easier to fold and achieves a better fit than original flats. Easy wash and relatively fast drying. Easy to boost.
    • CONS - requires some folding and fastenings.


  • PUL covers (previously known as waterproofs) - these come in many forms, pull on 'bloomer' type, adjustable snap or velcro or balloon pants (PUL pull ons with fleece cuffs & waistband)
    • PROS - 
    • CONS -