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 Who we are and why we are here!

Butternutbaby is a New Zealand family business.

This is me - Helen. As a mum and now a grandma who has used cloth nappies on 2 generations of babies, I was a bit horrified to see all the complicated, confusing information out there for new mums about cloth nappies.

With each baby in disposables creating 1 - 1.5 TONNES of landfill it is so important not only to get people trying cloth -  but to get them SUCCESSFULLY USING cloth.

In all honesty it is not complicated or difficult, so I have put together a range of nappies that I know, from personal experience,  work, are easy to use and wash AND will save families money. (while also being super cute!)

NZ Made?

Some is, some is not, but the stuff that is made off shore is made specifically for us, to our specification, using our exclusive fabrics.

I design the fabric prints, get the fabric made, then half the fabric comes to me and I personally make items like change mats, play mats, some wet bags, aprons, balloon covers, training pants, swim pants and more. The remaining fabric goes to the factory and is made into nappies and zip up wetbags.

AS well as the right product, it is equally important to me to provide good instruction on use and after sales service and advice to give my customers the best chance of succeeding in using cloth long term.

To this end, if you do have any questions at all about buying / using / fitting / washing cloth nappies, you are welcome to contact me and I will do my very best to help.