Who we are and why we are here!

Butternut Baby is a Mother and Daughter Business. We are both Grandmothers, so many nappies have been changed, many changes in style, performance and needs have been observed and tested in our combined experience.

We both wish to leave the planet a “better place” and our concerns for both the planet and our Grandchildren encouraged us to re-visit the idea of Cloth Nappies.

We discovered a whole new world of cloth nappies, with NO SAFETY PINS, NO COMPLICATED FOLDING, with soft fabric inners, with boosters to keep the damp away from baby’s skin and best of all endlessly adjustable, so that the same Nappy can be worn from NewBorn to 3yrs old.

Because we are Grandmothers, we are aware of the costs that providing quality nappies for your Baby involves, so we determined to make it as easy as possible by providing “ready to go” packs and our Baby Shower Service.