Showroom / Workshop / Cloth nappy demos - Riverhead

Want to have a look in person.....or Learn about cloth........
My workshop/showroom is now open to the public for casual drop in 2 days a week, + 1 Saturday a month & By appointment at other times.
Due to bookings for workshops at Space etc, the days vary, so please text or call 0211312458 to find out which days we are open for pop ins this week or to make an appointment for a specific time / day.
30 Arthur St,
(Note - the workshop is behind the house - through the gate at the far end of the driveway)
For appointments on other days, phone or text  0211312458


One on one demonstrations....... 

What are the options (and the differences between them) how to use them, how to wash them etc....

The waste created by disposables is HUGE and while many mothers are already happily using cloth nappies, it would be nice if more did. Despite the facts of the impact of disposables AND the real financial benefits of using cloth nappies over disposables, the uptake is still much lower than it needs to be and some are still reticent in giving them a go.

I think the main reason for this is fear of the unknown. Currently people tend to research online and there is so much conflicting and miss information out there, that sometimes it just seems easier to skip it.

SO I am here to answer all the whys & hows of what exactly is involved in using cloth nappies in person, what are the advantages? (and disadvantages), do they work? how to use them? how to wash them? will they save you money? etc.

I believe the key is educating parents in a personal format where they can ask questions and see for themselves.

I do not charge for this and there is no obligation to buy. (I have had many people bring along their existing stash of other brands, to find out how to use them and that is fine too) 

The more people we get using cloth nappies, the better 😁

(Or we can do this by video call if you live too far away)

Small Group, in person Cloth Nappy Information Demonstrations

We offer small group demonstrations / talks about cloth nappies.

I am happy to travel from Kaitaia to Hamilton.

If you have a group that might be interested in having me visit you can contact me by Phone, Text or Email

phone Helen on 0211312458