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What’s the deal with the grey lining?

The main difference you will notice between our nappies and most other brands is that the majority of them are lined with a dark grey fleece.

This fabric is “Bamboo Charcoal Polyester Fleece” (it is an engineered poly fleece that has had charcoal added to it using nano technology before it is spun into fibre.  (the bamboo part of the name is because the charcoal is from burnt bamboo, but I refer to it as Charcoal Poly Fleece to avoid any confusion on that front) 

the makers of this fabric purport that it is

  • More gentle on sensitive skin
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Has Superior odour reduction,
  • Superior washing and durability and 
  • Advanced Moisture regulation 

BUT the reasons I choose to use it in Butternutbaby nappies are far more basic.
After using cloth on 8 babies, I personally have found Charcoal fleece keeps baby’s skin significantly drier AND by far the easiest to clean. Simple as that.