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"Thanks Helen for all your helpful advice when I was stuck! I have found what works for us after trying lots of different inserts AND they’re reasonably priced. I’ve just ordered more. Highly recommend"

Kimberly - Canterbury NZ

Just had our baby shower and it was absolutely amazing! People were so happy with your service and organization! I am so impressed with the care you put into it and how beautiful the products are I am def recommending you!

Thank you so much!!!

Carla - North Shore NZ

I've tried a few different types of cloth nappies and these are my all time favorite ones I've found! So easy to clean, amazing quality and great patterns! Highly recommend!

Bianca - North Auckland NZ

Hi Helen, I’m based in the UK. My sister-in-law lives in Aukland and she got me two of your space nappies with charcoal liners for my twins at Christmas. They’re my absolute favourite of my cloth Nappy collection and I need more!!

Lucy - UK

Save the World AND Save your Money

It’s time to take action to minimise the damage that disposable nappies create in our eco system.

Just as we are switching from single use plastics, so we must consider our consumption of single use nappies. 

Why it Matters