Pocket Nappies - Dino Superlight (AWJ) lined
Pocket Nappies - Dino Superlight (AWJ) lined
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Pocket Nappies - Dino Superlight (AWJ) lined

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Gorgeous, Exclusive, Limited Edition, Printed Pocket Nappies, Too cute to hide under pants! 

  • waterproof PUL outer and lovely soft hydrophobic lining to wick moisture away from babies skin for dry feel.  Super gentle on baby's skin 
  • adjustable fit makes this nappy “one size fits most” Same nappy fits new born to toddler (3.5-16+kgs)
  • Pick your preferred lining and inserts.


  1. Charcoal Fleece - this is a poly fleece, with charcoal added at a nano technology level. It is gorgeously soft & my personal favourite lining, because I think it keeps babies skin the driest and is the easiest clean!
  2. Regular poly suede


  •  Because we are not all the same, and don't all like the same things, we have given you options of what type of insert or inserts you want with your nappy - Or if you already have inserts and don't want any inserts at all!

If you are new to cloth nappies, it is a good idea to try different options where you can, to determine what works best for you - below is an explanation of the different types to help you choose.

Having said that, if you are wanting a straight up recommendation..........I'd say Bamboo/Cotton every time. Either on its own or paired with Microfibre.

To help you choose.......

Microfibre - 4 Layer

  • Our microfibre inserts are 4 layers rather than the more common 3, meaning they do hold more. 
  • medium absorbency,
  • white in colour 
  • fast drying. 
  • Soft & flexible
  • are a good basic pocket nappy insert and most economical option.
  • recommended for in pocket only - not for against babies skin)


  • (Note - this means the charcoal is made from Bamboo - not the insert) The outside layer is Bamboo/Charcoal poly fleece and the inner is Bamboo/Charcoal microfibre)
  • Light absorbency
  • Dark grey in colour.
  • Fastest drying of all the inserts
  • Super soft and flexible
  • The charcoal helps reduce urine smell, is purported to have antibacterial properties . These are great for newborns and for pairing with other inserts later) 

Bamboo/Cotton 4 Layer (MY PERSONAL FAV’S)

  • 4 Layer brushed fleece
  • high absorbency
  • Light cream colour
  • Longer drying time
  • these remain soft and pliable throughout their life and so are my personal favourites. 

Hemp/Cotton 5 Layer (SUPER SOAKER)

  • 5 Layers brushed jersey 
  • super soaker absorbency
  • They are cream colour.
  • Slow drying
  • The Cotton component keeps them softer and more pliable than straight hemp, but they are not as soft as the Bamboo / Cotton. 
  • Great as boosters and for really heavy wetters.

Note that additional inserts are available separately.