Inge is having a baby!

A little girl due in May.


Inge has decided to do a wonderful thing for her baby and the environment by using reusable cloth nappies.

By helping her assemble a stash of modern cloth nappies and accessories, you will be giving Inge something she can use daily, over and over again.

Simply use the code INGES BABY at checkout.

We will then attach gift tags so Inge can see who each item is from, gift wrap and deliver to the baby shower.

To allow time for collating and delivery, all orders need to be in by 10pm on 17th of March

As a guide to help you understand what will be most useful, to use cloth nappies most of the time, Inge will need approx.....

  • 25 nappies 
  • 35 inserts (Note that nappies can be purchased with or without inserts included and additional inserts can be purchased separately)
  • 2 wet bags 

and useful extras are

  • 2-3 fitted nappies - Not essential, but are a really good night time option.
  • re-usable wipes - you seriously cannot have too many of these - for hands and faces as well as butts
  • a swim nappy
  • Flat flannel nappies - these are a super useful item - as well as nappies, they are great for burp cloths, wraps, lay on change table or public surface for changing, folded in half over top of bassinet sheet - so you don't have change the whole bed each time bub dribbles or spills etc, etc, etc...
  • a changing mat
  • and for the other end...soft silicon bibs are AMAZING.



  • Each baby in exclusively disposable nappies creates between 1 & 1.5 TONNES of landfill
  • The time they take to breakdown is yet to be determined, as the first ones made have not broken down yet. 
  • Each baby will use somewhere in the region of 6 to 7 thousand disposables, each of which is made using toxic manufacturing methods. While some of the parts of cloth nappies also use similar bleaches and dyes in their initial fabric production, each baby requires only around 60-70 items (shells & inserts total) for their entire nappy wearing time rather than 6 to 7 thousand items.
  • The cost of full time cloth nappy stash is around $500 + washing powder & power for hot wash $400 = $900 total
  • The cost of disposable nappies for each child is $2500 to $4000 (depending on brand and age when baby is toilet trained)